:: not a good cook ::

I managed to bake 12 cupcakes for azfar-chan. I was trying to find something to cook; just to use my new food processor. hehehe. Envy how Jamie Oliver and Nigella use their food processor in so many ways. I dare not try before, thinking my cupcakes or cakes wont rise as they should be.

And this afternoon, proves me wrong. Thanks to my Mak, she gave me the food processor (barter trade with a smaller food processor ) hehehehe.. Best sangat-sangat alat ni.  And yes, azfar-chan loves these cup cakes so much! he chose these 2 beautifully decorated (beautiful? :D) cup cakes over his lunch. 😀


Later at night, as I was really really craving (mengidam kosong) for some tuna spread, I made this ‘tuna horns’ for myself using the cup cakes mould 🙂 Finished with some grated cabbage and swoosh with some thai chilli sauce 🙂 Perghh…best !


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