:: testimonials ::

i received a sms from my friend. i know she was in a meeting, but thanks for the update and a BIG congratulations! 🙂

Kak ina timbang turun 2 kilo past tue staf sini nak order 1

Pn.Ina ordered Nutrimeal French Vanilla from me and she religiously consume Nutrimeal for a week. JUST replace 2 meals a day with Nutrimeal. be creative; bubble tea, nutri-shake with fruits.. yummylicious!

Another sms testimonial :

Adik, k.ana turun dah 1kg 🙂 Nutrimeal is very suitable for bz person like me.

‘Adik’ was referring to me 🙂 hehehe… Pn.Ana started consuming Nutrimeal the same day as Pn Ina. Weight loss differs from one another and it also correlates with your way of life and eating habits. Why don’t you start today? Email me [finethings@email.com] to know more on weight loss programme by USANA.


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