:: homemade salted eggs ::

all time favourite side dish during the fasting month-Ramadhan. this year, since my MIL is sponsoring the eggs, so y not 🙂 a very easy recipe from Chef Norzailina Nordin.

photo: by yahoo!


1kg of coarse salt

1kg of water

10 duck eggs

How i did it?

1. Boil to dilute the coarse salt.

2. Let cool.

3. Wipe the eggs with damp cloth and then with a dry cloth *this step is very crucial; make sure the eggs is thoroughly wiped.

4.Arrange the eggs in a jar and pour the salted water.

5. Put the lid on, make sure it is air tight.

6. Keep the jar in a dark cabinet (the one you rarely open)

7. On the 16th day, try and boil 1 egg and test the saltiness. If it fits your tastebud, then remove the eggs from the water, rinse once and keep well in the fridge.

note: am waiting for another 14 days to test my homemade salted egg.


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