:: sob sob..i got cheated ::

I was so thrilled (memang thrill gila) when i found this site selling azfar-chan favourite cartoon items- Thomas and Friends. Called the seller and asked for discounts, asked this n that and after confirming with her that I would get the free lunch box, i banked in the money.  I am not a fussy buyer!!!

A bit frustrated I was to found out later that she sold a lil higher compared to another blogger but hey, it was an easy transaction so y not. I will get a free Thomas and Friends lunch box when i purchase the trolley bag.

Not that I am complaining but…u be the judge:

  • promised me to send the parcel on Saturday but she was bz at her office and she had to berbuka at her mom’s-so this one CHEATING
  • Sunday-mana ada courier service bukak sunday kan…again CHEATING
  • Monday-i smsed her 2 times if not 3 times asking for the tracking number. She answered me only on TUESDAY morning!
  • Tuesday morning-smsed me saying she left the slip in her car and she will sms me later. at exactly 12.30 i smsed and she replied me with the parcel no. I checked with PosLaju Perlis-not in the system (which means not yet sent). 2.00 pm checked with PosLaju KL- baru saja dik masuk sistem-penerimaan kaunter di shah alam. baru hantar ni Dik..
  • Wednesday-lucky her, the parcel arrived safely at around 1.30pm. BUT the lunch box was not there!!!! [she has removed the promotion item on this link] http://thomasnfriends-online.blogspot.com/search/label/troley%20bags

I called her and simply she said, had to let go to another buyer, and so she replaced with a smal handkerchief! Aci dak??? If i want the lunch box, i need to pay another RM6 for the postage!!!!!! adoilaa..

this is her link.. http://thomasnfriends-online.blogspot.com/ she sell lots of items here..just make sure u close the deal and make sure she delivers them to u..dont be fooled like me!

p/s: i will get the lunch box IF she can find a new stock.


5 thoughts on “:: sob sob..i got cheated ::

  1. ish… tak patut.. tak patutt….
    takpelah.. kita redha je… org yg buat tu biarlah tanggung janji2 palsunya itu…
    kalau saya, jgn harap laaa nk jengah atau mbeli kat situ lagikk…


    • mmg pun…saya pun mmg confirm taknak buat urusniaga lg dah..the best part was dia sms bgtau -tak pos kalau 1 brg sbb kos rm6 postage, so nanti dia nak post sekali bila saya beli barang lain.. JANGAN HARAP la…


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