:: online shopping for the unborn ::

I was called to write something on NURSING BRA. I bought a pack of 2 pcs from Mothercare boutique in Penang the other day while I was doing some shopping for Azfar-chan and for the unborn baby 🙂

Mothercare Nursing Bras 2pk – White/Black RM188.00

I must say, although the price is nearly 3 times compared to FabulousMom’s nursing bra, but lets not judge from the price ONLY! There are a few good points I must highlight here and the down side of course the price 🙂

1. The cloth quality is very very good.-thick and comforting

2. Comes in black and white

3. The salesperson helps you to determine the right size for you – this is crucial in making sure you wear the right size to support your heavy loaded breasts later 🙂

4.  Easy click-snap cups.

Fabulous Mom – Sarah Nursing Maternity Sleep Bra (2-Pack) RM59.80

I order these bras (and a tshirt) via its website. I was really looking forward to it. I bought PaMa magazine last month and saw this booklet included where Fabulous Mom is doing some great promos. Without thinking much, i click on and ordered.  To my very suprise,  😦 I was a little dissapointed.

1. The cloth is VERY thin- although the bras are sleep nursing bra, i would prefer a thicker cloth where your nip**le wont be visible that much if you know what I mean.

2. I felt cheated by the picture in the web and its advertisment. The cloth seems to be thick, but what I received was  a bit see-through. I dont know how long the elastic will last.

3. I must say, they are comfortable and easy to open-no click snap, just pull and breastfeed comfortably! 🙂

4. Very supportive bra design- i love this!!


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