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I ordered Bfree Plus Starter Set from LittleWhiz. I browsed to a few online babystore and found out that LittleWhiz offers the lowest price. I bought the set and another 2 bottles of Bfree Plus 160ml. I was having conversation with my sister about feeding bottles and so I want to share my personal review on feeding bottles.

My eldest son -Azfar Hazim is very colicky. Thanks to my mom and my grandma’s bestfriend -Mak Dah who used to demah or tuam azfar-chan’s stomach every afternoon using daun sireh and charcoal. It is a traditional way of making sure newborns are not suffering from colic.  Some newborns are not, but my son was.

Now, back to the feeding bottle. My husband and I was first introduced to Bfree feeding bottle when we were at Planete Enfants in Mid Valley shopping for Quinny Buzz 4-Wheel Stroller.  The manager ( I cant remember her name, a European), was telling us about the bottle and we were impressed by the anti-colic system.  So, when the time for me to leave my expressed breast milk with the babysitter, I gave along the Bfree bottle. Alhamdulillah, without any hesitation, azfar-chan drank successfully.

I must say the best part is definitely the anti colic system. The second best part is the teat! My God, it is very very soft if you want to compare to the popular brand- Avent.  I know Avent is a very popular ( the most popular I think) anti colic bottles in the world but regardless the branding, I we settled for Bfree. And we (my son, my husband and me) are very happy with the brand.

These are my personal points:

  • the best anti colic system (thru reading and experimenting)
  • softer teat (to compare with Avent, Anakku, Tollyjoy and a few over the rack brands)
  • BPA free bottles ( my son started using the bottle back in 2008 when Avent haven’t launch its BPA free YET; see how advanced Bfree is??)
  • it comes with a heat sensor (easy for 1st time mother like me to know the right temp)
  • my son loves it (still using)

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2 thoughts on “:: feeding bottles ::

  1. tq for d review…. sy tgh terfikir2 dan tercari2 feeding btl utk adik damia ni. sekrg try guna MAM n weego, MAM-byk sgt susu meleleh keluar, sayanggggggggg tgk ebm tumpah keluar.. huhuhu… weego pulak tak sure dgn dia punya anti colic/reduce colic punya sistem, dan satu lagi teat dia mcm panjangggg gitu, risau juga kot2 bb dah selesa dgn teat panjang tu nanti taknak pulak B*ea*t mama. hmmm…
    **avent pulak pernah guna time damia dulu, keras, bila bb nk minum pun terkeluar gak susu… ms tu replace ngan doc brown punye teat…
    nti boleh try jugak bfree plus ni…


    • 🙂 am glad to be of help. Dr Brown pun sama konsep dengan Bfree. maybe boleh cuba untuk adik damia..sayang kan tgk EBM meleleh..jenuh kita dok pulun kumpul 🙂

      All the best !


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