::bonding brothers::

For the very first time last night, Azfar pat my big tummy and kissed! The 3rd, 4th and more after that were more like using my tummy as his drum.. 😀 My sister-in-law asked me a few times whether I’ve teach Azfar how to bond with the baby inside, whether I keep reminding, telling him that he is going to be a big brother. Frankly, I keep telling him.. but he seems not to understand. gheja buat derkkkk saja

He is more interested with his toys and Disney Channel. Help me here!


One thought on “::bonding brothers::

  1. hi aiza, Zariff pun camtu gak, tak brapa understand bile tummy mummy dah besar n ckp ader baby dlm tu, but when my wife tak mau dukung dier ckp ader baby dlm perut…terus paham n tak ngada-ngada mintak dukung….


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