:: interval ::

It has been ages (yes, I really mean it) since I last post.  I was and still am busy. Alhamdulillah,  it is almost a year now but I can still recall perfectly every details of the 5th December 2010 🙂

As always, I will be very busy planning, drawing, jotting down every idea I have for Hakeem-chan birthday kenduri (I prefer to use Kenduri rather than party).  Menu, templates, invitation card, tshirts, iron-on photo…phew!! the list seems to be endless.  I would really love to have a simple and fun birthday celebrations for my children. Hopefully, I can manage their birthdays until… err.. let time tells.

Thanks to the internet, FB I easily can download templates, can share ideas, themes, birthday stuffs for theme. Thank you technology!!! Some blogs can really help us to plan our party as long as we have that Bank Negara note with us. hehehehe 😉


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