Delayed Entry – Thomas Themed Birthday

Just want to share the happy moments my family and friends had during Akmal Hakeem’s very first birthday.

Alhamdulillah, Akmal Hakeem bin Hasnizam turned ONE on 5th December 2011.  As my parents agreed, we did the kenduri at their house. I was quite satisfied with how things turned up. I had the Thomas birthday ticket,  did the banners (Happy Birthday & Akeem Turns 1), the Thomas cupcake toppers, the buffet arrangement and the best part was, we had the same badge –Birthday Conductor!

This time around, after discussing with the consultants (my dear sister and my dear friends) we decided not to have door gift for the kids. Still, i managed to get some blowouts and wisels for the kids.

the cakes was deliciously and beautifully made by K.Syima . We had Thomas birthday cake, butterfly cake for azfar-chan and the cuppies (free & eggless). yay!!!

Frankly, I can’t afford to have a lavish birthday bash for my sons. We cant afford to have one at a hotel nor have a few tents decorated by an event provider. but hey, who needs that? as long as my sons, my nephew and nieces are happy, im happy!!

homemade banner 🙂

another DIY banner ; at the buffet table

the boarding pass

Thomas Birthday Cake

(did not had the chance to snap the whole spread; it was symmetry btw)

look at our t-shirt badge! 🙂

the boy who turned 1

Cake :

Venue: Chaq & Tok’s

Balloons : my friend BB-tq!

Banner : DIY; thanks to etsy for the ideas

Badges :

Conductors : Azfar-chan, Aqiil, Auntie, A-A, Kak Pipah, Kak Ara, Kak Mimi


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