~ My Review – NUK vs Pigeon Disposable Breastpads ~

Disposable Breastpads- another MUST HAVE item in my list.  There are a few brands that I tried. NUK, Pigeon, Avent, unknown brands which I bought from Khoo Medical Supplies to add to the list.

My ultimate choice is Pigeon Disposable Breastpads. Comparing to NUK it is a little expensive BUT, you have to be quick because Guardian Pharmacy regularly have such promotion whereby you will get 1 box free (buy 1 get 1 free).

These are a few strong points which I hope, will get you to try Pigeon Breastpads( beware! you will be hooked :))

  • absorbent: cotton like feel TOTALLY maximum dryness
  • comfortable: ABSOLUTELY
  • breathable– outer layer allows air to circulate, NO breastmilk smell
  • Extra large: the pad’s enlarged diameter fits snugly to the breast and allows moisture to be distributed as effectively as possible
  • Gentle: doesn’t stick to the skin
  • adhesive strips –DOUBLE tape to keep the pads perfectly in place
  • individually wrapped– in non-woven cloth and doesn’t make any sound when you unwrapped!!

i need to highlight that this review is totally based on my personal experience and i am not prejudiced nor am being paid to write this. just to share with all moms and dads out there. and yes, feel free to give feed backs on my review too.


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