:: Kuih Ketayap ::

I decided to make kuih ketayap @ kuih dadar. ome people call it kuih dadar.  2mrw, am making tepung gombak; Insya-Allah.



for the recipe,

for the wrap, u need:

5 cups of plain flour

1 teaspoon of salt

1 egg

A few drops of green colouring

A few drops of pandan essence

how i did it?

1. blend the above ingredients well.

2. on heated belanga, spoon 2 medium size ladle of the flour mixture (this depends on your preference on thickness)

3. wait until it is well cooked and flip-over easy

4. put in the filling and wrap.

5. serve! sedap oooo
the filling

1. 2 cups of grated coconut

2. 3 pieces of gula gerek-you can substitute with brown sugar(the amount, i leave to you)

3. fry on slow fire.


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