I see it in black and white, my son sees it in colour

SABAR- this is the only word I must use for all time.  A month ago, our eldest son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder by a therapist from the general hospital.

I was a relief( knowing that he is not an autism child) and yet at the same time, there are other several main issues that we have to look on to.

Now we know why he can’t ‘listen’ to orders, he will get what he wants, throwing out tantrums, will only pay attention to what he enjoys and he is having problem in speech.


We came to know that he is suffering from ADHD was infact indirectly.  We wanted him to have the speech therapy sessions and during one of the compulsory test was hearing test. He can’t sit still after completing the blocks game, can’t even stand still for a minute.  So the doctor requested us to bring him for another inspection at the Occupational Therapy Centre. Sounds funny ha. 🙂 All this while I thought that the centre is helping a working person to perform better at work.hahahha, but it is not.

Now I know why azfar-chan sees things differently, so things what he loves – playing guitar, colouring, writing and singing. While I see things in plain black and white, he sees it differently. 🙂 that what makes him a UNIQUE boy.


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