A beginning of a long journey

imagesThe past 3 weeks has been a very (very very) hectic time for me.  Alhamdulillah, physically I am doing OK but I can feel the tense inside me.

Azfar Hazim & Akmal Hakeem are the greatest gift in my entire life.  I love them so dearly and equally.  Somewhere in March 2013, I made a move to bring over azfar-chan to Hospital Tuanku Fauziah for a check-up; I requested for speech therapy sessions but as we all know, SOPs does not allow us to jump straight to it.  So my husband & I had to bring azfar to the ENT clinic for initial check-up prior engaging to a hearing test.

Alhamdullilah the test was 100% ok, although the first audiologist was not so child-friendly she did requested azfar to undergo occupational therapy session (OT).

Cikgu Su they call her is a very great therapist. She may be just U29 grade but her skills in handling special needs children are so good.  Azfar started the OT session in March and after 9 sessions we can see tremendous improvement in his behaviour.

I am not a bookworm type, but since I was told the word ADHD, my journey begins.  My good friend bought me 3 book just to help me to begin azfar’s intervention. Thanks to my son, I am now able to read at least 5-6 pages of books daily.

When this journey begins(the kick-off was when I consulted Dr Chua May Wah from KMC) and thank to her, she wrote a referral letter.  In this 3 months, I have been through the long process/procedures a parent must wait.  It is very frustrating when you expect to consult/discuss with a specialist/pead and yet, you were given just a MO.  I have no offence with MO but when she/he messes around with me or my son, then they should get it. Mess with the best, then you know the rest 🙂

I am praying to the Almighty Allah that, my husband and I are given courage and health to give the best for Azfar & Hakeem.

p/s: Azfar can now sing, and talk (although in not full sentence)


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