Firm or Force?

Scrolling on my FB page, I can help to notice a few posts. While some moms posted on their child’s progress on toilet training at younger age compared to my eldest, I was trying to calm myself. To make it worse, some even compared my son to her sons/grandchildren.’ What can I expect from an ADHD boy, a week to be toilet trained?’  

I know I have to be firm with him. Some might label me being forceful, but knowing that I am dealing with an ADHD boy, I have to be firm.  My husband and I was told/taught by the therapist to be firm but keeping the no-yelling situation, no-spanking situation. A
Alhamdulillah, within 4 days yes, 4 days, he is now a well-toilet trained boy. 

So parents, get your child a cute, cartoon figures toilet adapter. And let him experience how easy they can poop if the squat! That was what my husband and I did. We let our sons experience and let them decide which is easier way to poop 🙂

I must say, it is very challenging to control the situation at first. No is not a problem, but a CHALLENGE!  


courtesy from


So..good luck!


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