Blended Learning : Valor, Cedarwood & Frakincence

Azfar’s journey with essential oils (EO) started just a week before our trip to Cameron Highland Resort (24th January 2014).  I must thank Allah the Almighty for ‘sending’ me the mechanism to further try the oils: Mun which I virtually know from FB (KL Biomed group) and Leon from Fairyessential.  Leon provides me with a simple handbook.

My initial intention was to get the whole threesome oils as suggested by Mun- Valor, Cedarwood & Frankincense.  Since Leon doesn’t gave Frankincense in stock, so I tried just the other two. The only thing that I keep in mind is that I need to do (apply) religiously and without giving up.  WARNING: I must say that EOs are part of remedies/alternative medicine, as such patience and consistency is the KEY.

Azfar as most ASD child, has his own unique habit.  I would say bad habit though.  He likes making specific sound (krrkkkkk).  Almost every time he feels mad, prior physically throw his tantrums he will make that sounds.  I must say, after a month using EOs, the sound is lesser.  Alhamdulillah.


After using just valor and Cedarwood for 8 days, I asked my son’s teacher and she comment this–Today, Azfar managed to sit at his place the whole session (9.00-10.30). Still, he hums, he was looking here and there but he managed to sit. It was a great thing to me! All this while he cannot sit and do tasks more than 15-20 minutes.

This is how I do with the oils:

  1. Apply Valor (3 drops) on the feet in circular motion.
  2. Apply 1 drop on the big toe and the other 2 toes+some pressure on them)
  3. Apply Cedarwood (3 drops) in circular motion on the sole.
  4. Apply 1 drop on the big toe and the other 2 toes+some pressure on them)
  5. Brush Cedarwood (2-3 drops) on the temporal bones.


We decided to engage Azfar for EIP, here it is called Integration Pre-School (Learning Disabilities).  The school tries to expose these special need pre-schoolers with the routine as per normal pre-schoolers (school assembly, school recess, sports day, Majlis Tilawah, camps, etc).

His first school assembly was a success!!  (7.30am-8.30 am) Like any other mothers, I am the one who is terrified thinking how he would behave. Will he be able to sit still, managed to listen to all the speeches and all.  Alhamdulillah, he managed to! ” Dia OK Puan, tak lari-lari dan tak buat bising. Bangkit sekali dua saja sebab lenguh /boring kot” (Translation: He did OK Mdm, no running around and he did kept quite.  He did once or twice stand during the whole session, probably because he was bored). I was thankful & could not be happier 🙂  For an ADHD boy, it is a BIG COMPLIMENT & SUCCESS.

Endless doa, prayers and the protocols are all in place 🙂  Insya-Allah, more success continues.

and our next step will be: the 3 punch-Cedarwood, Vertiver, LavenderImage

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