::new diary for azfar-chan::


How time really(and i mean really) flies. It just felt yesterday was 4th June 2008. My eldest child is going into Year 1 next year!

And that means a lot of new CHALLENGES (not roadblocks!) ahead. I read a lot on daily basis on how important supplements are to ASD child but somehow I keep saying ‘ok later, ok will get it’ but I never really do that constantly.

The only items that I make sure are in stock are the EOs-Cedarwood, Lavender and Vertiver. So this month, Im going to pile up the cabinet with azfar’s supplements and needs.

Next week, am going to get the GNC cod liver oils(strawberry flavour), epsom salt, Young Living Essential Oil Brain Power. Our probiotics are still in stock. We are using middle east gum (Manna and Tayebat).

I do pray that those will help. Please make em work for my son.


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