:: Our New Love -Brain Power Essential Oil by Young Living ::

ff23f7c839a9e6d813c9186f6db08764I have been oiling azfar with several oils now.. But, I was keen to get Brain Power EO for Azfar.  Looking at the price?! oh my! RM241 for 5ml. It is said to be complementing using Brain Power apart from the 3 oils (Vertiver, Lavender, Cedarwood). Prior ordering the oil, I managed to contact an occupational therapist who is using YL oils for her patients in the states.  I managed to talked to her via FB . She was very very helpful and explained to me how to use the oil.  Not only that, she asked on Azfar’s development and my major concerns.  Insya-Allah, we will be in touch again next week after 2 weeks using the oil.

Eye contact is not a major problem for Azfar but, his speech development is.  Bobbi Decker the therapist, suggested that the Brain Power should be used alone and not combining with other oils. And so we start the oil on his third day of school. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, please make it work and make it worth buying.



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