::quit or not to quit::

i am always(forever will be) in the dillemma whether to quit or nnot to. my heart constantly falls on the other side of my action. not that i hate my job, but my attention towards my sons & daily chores is now can only be at the level of 30%.

If only I have RM500k in my savings then I will right away quit !

:: Mommy Potraiture ::

2 of my staffs are now pregnant. 1 is 7 months pregnant while the other is  6 months pregnant.  Thanks to Farah and Wanie for their willingness to pose for me 🙂 I was planning to use the office’s camera the battery was flat.. thanks to  Jan, I used 7 clicks of his camera. so here goes some of the shots I captured.

Fancy an outdoor pregnant potraiture by me? 🙂 Email me to quote.

Can you guess? A boy or  a girl?

you what they say 🙂 it’s the hot bun inside

come out and play my baby

the two mommies-to-be

i love seeing pregnant mothers- they glow!

:: IKHLAS ::

IKHLAS, a big word carries a big meaning. Insya Allah thats will bring me to heaven.

this foto has nothing to do with this post. since i have nothing to post, so i upload this foto 🙂

:: RM 5.50 ::

What can u get with a RM5.50. no wonder my friends are envy of me!

1. nasi putih
2. ayam masak kicap 2 ketul
3. sayur campur
4. ulam
5. nescafe o ais 2 bungkus

YESSSS..mmg murah. i am so thankful.rezeki betui. my brunch wud cost me rm5.50 every dah and the most wud be rm6(tokey siap kata-harini mahai skit na adik..lauk byk ambik). compare to those who are staying in the metropolitan cities, can u get these for the price of RM5.50?? hehehe.. Perlis Darul Sunnah offers u this 😀