:: kireme ::

a whole week with Azfar Hazim & Mr Baba. 🙂

we were getting ready ( i was half packed) for a holiday>>Kangar-Ipoh-KL-Nilai-PD-Ipoh-Kangar. but we had to rescheduled our plan. azfar-chan was infected with Hand Foot Mouth Disease. :(( it was terrible, horrible, terrifying. for 12 hours no drop of milk! just plan water. he even woke up on the night prior to our trip. Mr Baba had to work morning shift that day so Chiaq and Tok took us to KMC to meet Dr Lim-the peaditrician. he was on leave-damn! luckily the replacement doctor was also a peaditirician from the general hospital. the moment he told me azfar-chan was infected with HFMD, i wanted to cry! argghh..this is terrible. the peaditrician told me that there is nothing to be worried about as it may decease in 2 days time. that was something.

we suspected that it may come from the highchair that azfar-chan sat on at one of the diners we visited a few days back then. i was suggested to feed azfar-chan with cool jelly, ice-creams, custards, and all the cooling, soothing, easy to shallow food. and so Tok made those red yummy jellies.

Mr Baba & I decided to stay at Chiaq+Tok’s since they can help us to take care of azfar-chan; suggested by Chiaq. we stayed for 3 nites there. as usual, makngah pah came to see how is the boy doing, even at dawn.. Alhamdulillah, on the 2nd day, he had recovered.

afternoon ride
TQ so much Mak..we love u! and Chiaq..Thanks to u too!!!

As he recovers, we made our way to aloq staq..ehehehe..besa la ummi..dok merap baba ajak jalan2..hehehhe..muahss..TQ na.. Giant, Tesco, kedai2 perabot semua we w

ent in..wanted to find new wardrobe for the hero..alih2..kedai kat perlis gak yg perfect and very good quality… (sapa kata perlis lekeh?????) tinggai takdak lorenzo ja lagi perlis ni. 😀

over the weekend, i made yakitori don(grilled chicken pieces over rice) along with the sauces and kyUri(cucumber) -for Mr Baba & Azfar-chan. how happy i was looking at their plates.. 🙂 yay!!! but it took 45 minutes for Azfar-chan to finish his meal. but i was happy! his appetite now seems to hike.. 🙂

in the box

in the box


:: Azfar Hazim is 1 Year Young ::

A gift from Baba-domo arigatou

1 Year Young

Azfar Hazim is now 1 Year Young 🙂 a big boy now. how time flies. i can still remember in details on the same date last year. where i was during that date, how i was in the delivery suite. 🙂 it is still fresh and crunchy!

4th June 2008 – after almost 11 hours in the delivery suite, finally Dr Kamaruzaman Ali the gynae seek permission from my husband to do LSCS. i can still remember the anesthetist asking my weight, height and all. i answered all the questions before the nurses ..hehehe..tgh2 sakit pun leh jawab soalan..the contractions that started around 3pm were painful and i can still remember.

Dr Kamaruzaman : Aiza, try push sekali
Me:nak push macam mana ni..tak terasa ..sakitnyaaa
Nurse:adik teran ..macam berak taik keras
Me:sakitnya..taktau macam mana..saya tak penah berak taik keras..berak elok saja!!!!!!! (i can still cakap pandai even tengah sakit 😀 )

Dr Kamaruzaman asked me to push..3 times and then decided i cudnt do it.so..emergency LSCS. A week before that, he told my husband and i that i might not able to deliver normally due to my baby’s head. It was not yet engaged. We were suppose to do another check up on Thursday but i there i was in the delivery suite on Wednesday …i delivered Azfar Hazim Hasnizam 2 weeks earlier than the EDD (18/6)…more

at exactly 5.59pm i delivered a healthy handsome groovy boy -Azfar Hazim bin Hasnizam

we both are so thankful, Azfar Hazim is now 1 year and without any hiccups he is a healthy boy-minus the slight fever that comes and goes. otherwise, he is healthy. as we both really looked forward for a birthday bash for him, we had to postpone. a week before his birthday, Azfar Hazim was admitted to Kedah Medical Centre due to bad cough and high fever 😦

at the physio room

we want to wait until he is fully recovered then only the real celebration will be done . Insya Allah, a kenduri kesyukuran will be organised.

although no birthday bash or watever, we still celebrate his birthday in our way. the day started off with a photoshoot with KC at Gua Sami. we even brought the big heavy cake! Thanks Kak Tania for the lively and cute cake. KC was the same photographer that did my pregnancy photoshoot >> click here

tadaaa…the cake

the photographer

we headed straight to Klinik Sedhu since Baba was having a swelling feet! he was bitten by a snake!

the very next day we went to Penang for a shopping spree at Mothercare and Giant hypermarket 🙂 i bought azfar a BabyWarma and Baba bought him a swimming attire 🙂 those were his birthday treats! 🙂

Konfidence Baby Warma

pictures courtesy of konfidence.com

:: here & there ::


at first, we decided not to go due to some things which suddenly popped up( damn shit that girl!!!) well, Allah knows best, after almost 3 weeks i’ve been planning for the KL trip, finally we shoot off from Kg Guru at exactly 3pm. Azfar’s Chiak was not that happy. Y?>>he doesnt like the idea of having his grandson in the middle of the day..panaihhh..sayang cucu laa…mangkala buleh nak bg dok dlm bilik aircond ja.. 😀

stopped at Bukit Merah R&R for Azfar’s ‘tea’ :). Tok made him a nice rice+sweet potato puree. after feeding him, we continued our journey to KL. Alhamdulillah, it didnt rain at all..not even a single drop … Chiak as usual kept calling me every 1-2 hours just to ask where were we, how was the road traffic, what is his groovy cucu doing… 🙂

we reached TokSu Mike & Toksu Mas’s high-rise at around 9pm after caught in Sg Buloh’s jam.. damn!! Azfar was happy all the way from Perlis. talking non-stop with baba & ummi ..hehehhehe…

Our trip started with a visit to Plaza Pudu ( desmond camera shop ) since ~j.e.j.a.k.a.~ wished to look for new gadgets..wat can i say…gadget freak! this n this, here n there..emmm..emmm..ooo..ok..ooo..this one…that one…how much aa…this one?… finally, ~j.e.j.a.k.a.~ decided to get himself a 50D from Photo Mania and a lens from Foto Selangor.
Auntie Yah as usual wud want to meet Azfar. so IKEA we went.. how forgetful i was, it was packed with human!!! the long Q..no thanks..we wondered at IKANO and the curve for about 3 hours and headed to Subang Jaya as TokNgah wanted to give us a treat..TQ TokNgah.. Azfar fell asleep comfortably even when TGIF waiters were singing loudly..

during dinner at TGIF, i had to feed Azfar with Gerber applesauce since there was no way i can cook. 😦 he didnt really enjoy la…sian kat azfar na…

the next day, Tita & Tito promised to join us for shopping. 🙂 we headed to The Pavilion. I was hoping we cud meet Tun Mahathir.. masin mulutttt…

Azfar & Baba managed to get themselves some gud stuffs..as 4 me..? next time maybe… 😀