My Third-is on the way

WORRY-if I may not concentrate on Azfar and Hakeem when the new joy is here. Worry if my time is not enough. Worry if I will not manage them well. Worry if money will be a constraint.


ENERGY-will I have the strength and energy for the next couple of months as I am today? However can I keep up with the boys request for playgroud time, soccer time, bicycle time?

SEPERATION-how should I go about seperating the boys duing sleep time? Should I use the newborn as an excuse for everything? Will they understand? Will Azfar get it?

There are so many, too many what if, what will questions in my mind at the moment.


::bonding brothers::

For the very first time last night, Azfar pat my big tummy and kissed! The 3rd, 4th and more after that were more like using my tummy as his drum.. 😀 My sister-in-law asked me a few times whether I’ve teach Azfar how to bond with the baby inside, whether I keep reminding, telling him that he is going to be a big brother. Frankly, I keep telling him.. but he seems not to understand. gheja buat derkkkk saja

He is more interested with his toys and Disney Channel. Help me here!