Aidilfitri-a big challenge for me!

Azfar Hazim is currently facing some sensory overload!!! ARGHHHH.. I am the one who really need to calm down. not him.  Can’t blame him for the overloadness :((

One reason why I do not visit friends and families on Hari Raya (not unless they understand azfar’s situation) is because he can be very sensitive to his surroundings- especially smells, clusters, toys, curtain colours and even to the extend not aligned photo frames.  Last year, we went to a house, and azfar pointed out a painting at my friend’s house…. ‘Ummi..tu..salah tu…’ . Everybody looked and realised that painting was tilted to the left. Oh dear darling! *face palm*  Everybody praised him , but I felt sorry for the host.. 🙂 hehehehe.

This photo is just an example. Azfar parks his bike at the same spot, hang his helmet on the right side of the handle and he does that every single time we’re off to the playground. OCD meh? erkkk..2015124083246


:: saya beli 6 TEPAWER ::

🙂 went to “nat” Behor Lateh with my parents just now. bought 6 “TEPAWER” of kerisik for my rendang. what is TEPAWER?


container; usually old folks would associate containers with tupperware. and so regardless whatever type pf containers- they are TEPAWER

:: shinpo ::

decided to go 1 round with my datin lawyer friend for some baju raya shopping yesterday. turned up to be the lil one’s baju raya and not the moms. up to 70% discounts here and there–tell me how can we resist. 😀 the quest for my baju raya went on till after the breakfast. finally, ~j.e.j.a.k.a~ chose 1. at last i have my official 1st day  baju raya. 🙂

  1. baju melayu azfar-chan
  2. kasut raya azfar-chan
  3. sampin azfar-chan
  4. kepiah azfar-chan
  5. tshirt,shirt, overall, pants, jeans azfar-chan
  6. baju melayu baba
  7. kasut raya baba
  8. sampin raya baba
  9. kepiah baba
  10. tshirt, kemeja baba
  11. baju kurung (at least 3 psg mau ada)
  12. kasut raya
  13. tudung2
  14. handbag takyah kot..mcm membazir plak la
  15. kuih2/meskut raya siap order..tunggu ambik ja
  16. tukaq duit  rayatak kirim kat bang shimee maybank lagi
  17. angpow ambik yang prudential bg free
  18. list penerima angpow
  19. RUMAH TAK SIAP LAGI CUCI confirm lepas raya masuk umah :((

:: Kuih Raya by Shafeza Traditional Stove ::

I am helping a good friend of mine promoting her delicious homemade+ handmade Biskut Raya@ Raya Cookies. Specialises in bringing you the best Biskut Mazola (peanut butter cookies), Biskut Samperit (biskut dahlia some might call it),Maruku(spicy&crunchy-v ery addicting!), Popia Nestum(sweet type) and Kuih Goyang(loyang).

This year, STS (Shafeza Traditional Stove) is widening her market to the whole Malaysia, Singapore as well as Brunei.With greater capacity, we get to enjoy prefect-oven-baked kuih raya! 🙂

Order now and i am definite, before the Ramadhan ends, you will order more from STS.

Biskut Mazola(Peanut Butter Cookies)
Biskut Samperit(biskut dahlia)
addicting maruku
Popia Nestum


Biskut Mazola, Biskut Samperit – 50pcs for only RM 27

Addicting Maruku- 1kg for only RM17

Popia Nestum-1kg for only RM30

Shakey Goyang-100pcs for only RM16

STS believes in delivering the best biscuits for you and as such, we choose only the best courier service-CityLink Courier
West Malaysia-RM14 perkg
East Malaysia-RM20 perkg
Brunei-call for quotation
Singapore-call for quotation

To all Perlisian, please call Shafeza to get your samples.

To order, please call Shafeza 012-5846449 or email to

Associate Partner 🙂

:: RAYA ::

my family ~mom’s side (paksu mike, abg own, abg jad, mak+abah, paklang, nephews and niece and cousins…my sis was at my uncle’s)

i-an (nur ilhan amani mohd azrul) 🙂 sweet haa..mcm gadis indon la pulak

my nephews n niece..the only grandaughter!

Raya Shopping: someone was feeling exhausted driving from Perlis…just to shop some gud clothes for azfar~TQ!

armand izuddin patiently playing with azfar

my inlaws. on 4th raya…(must be wondering y in the world we were not in proper attire…)