:: delayed entry::

these are some of the samples i made for y previous order 🙂 Kurut..nak dak? mai perlis aku buat satu try kat hang !


:: 誕生祝い ::

I’ve longing to upload the  simple celebration for my dear son : Azfar Hazim bin Hasnizam. I was too bz handling my morning sickness. this time, it was worse. Alhamdulillah, the 3-months-period has gone 🙂

Although my husband decided to arrange for a family members party only, it was fun :). yeap yeap..no games, no pools for children, no goodie bag, no such fancy outdoor activities, but we all had so much fun chatting, getting to know more and we had great buffet 🙂

Azfar Hazim 2nd Birthday Bash

Guests: Immediate Family Members

F&B: Shafeza Traditional Stove
Restoren Pin
Laksa Kak Chah
Roti Jala Kayangan

Decorations: Baba & Auntie

:: Mommy Potraiture ::

2 of my staffs are now pregnant. 1 is 7 months pregnant while the other is  6 months pregnant.  Thanks to Farah and Wanie for their willingness to pose for me 🙂 I was planning to use the office’s camera the battery was flat.. thanks to  Jan, I used 7 clicks of his camera. so here goes some of the shots I captured.

Fancy an outdoor pregnant potraiture by me? 🙂 Email me to quote.

Can you guess? A boy or  a girl?

you what they say 🙂 it’s the hot bun inside

come out and play my baby

the two mommies-to-be

i love seeing pregnant mothers- they glow!

:: making myself busy ::

busy? why shud i be busy with work? 🙂 am making myself busy with some other things; things i enjoy doing.cooking, playing, hanging out with my heroes, driving my new car 🙂

FineThings was hired to prepare 5 trays of offerings. Ms Rusiana booked us for her engagement ceremony. so here goes her offerings. Thanks to Ms Rusiana and congratulations once again. Hopefully FineThings can once again be one of the officials on your big day Ms Rusiana 🙂

Here goes some of the photos. (photos courtesy of Ms Rusiana and her fiance)

Kindly e-mail FineThings for more details and to quote.