Blended Learning : Valor, Cedarwood & Frakincence

Azfar’s journey with essential oils (EO) started just a week before our trip to Cameron Highland Resort (24th January 2014).  I must thank Allah the Almighty for ‘sending’ me the mechanism to further try the oils: Mun which I virtually know from FB (KL Biomed group) and Leon from Fairyessential.  Leon provides me with a simple handbook.

My initial intention was to get the whole threesome oils as suggested by Mun- Valor, Cedarwood & Frankincense.  Since Leon doesn’t gave Frankincense in stock, so I tried just the other two. The only thing that I keep in mind is that I need to do (apply) religiously and without giving up.  WARNING: I must say that EOs are part of remedies/alternative medicine, as such patience and consistency is the KEY.

Azfar as most ASD child, has his own unique habit.  I would say bad habit though.  He likes making specific sound (krrkkkkk).  Almost every time he feels mad, prior physically throw his tantrums he will make that sounds.  I must say, after a month using EOs, the sound is lesser.  Alhamdulillah.


After using just valor and Cedarwood for 8 days, I asked my son’s teacher and she comment this–Today, Azfar managed to sit at his place the whole session (9.00-10.30). Still, he hums, he was looking here and there but he managed to sit. It was a great thing to me! All this while he cannot sit and do tasks more than 15-20 minutes.

This is how I do with the oils:

  1. Apply Valor (3 drops) on the feet in circular motion.
  2. Apply 1 drop on the big toe and the other 2 toes+some pressure on them)
  3. Apply Cedarwood (3 drops) in circular motion on the sole.
  4. Apply 1 drop on the big toe and the other 2 toes+some pressure on them)
  5. Brush Cedarwood (2-3 drops) on the temporal bones.


We decided to engage Azfar for EIP, here it is called Integration Pre-School (Learning Disabilities).  The school tries to expose these special need pre-schoolers with the routine as per normal pre-schoolers (school assembly, school recess, sports day, Majlis Tilawah, camps, etc).

His first school assembly was a success!!  (7.30am-8.30 am) Like any other mothers, I am the one who is terrified thinking how he would behave. Will he be able to sit still, managed to listen to all the speeches and all.  Alhamdulillah, he managed to! ” Dia OK Puan, tak lari-lari dan tak buat bising. Bangkit sekali dua saja sebab lenguh /boring kot” (Translation: He did OK Mdm, no running around and he did kept quite.  He did once or twice stand during the whole session, probably because he was bored). I was thankful & could not be happier 🙂  For an ADHD boy, it is a BIG COMPLIMENT & SUCCESS.

Endless doa, prayers and the protocols are all in place 🙂  Insya-Allah, more success continues.

and our next step will be: the 3 punch-Cedarwood, Vertiver, LavenderImage

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~ My Review – NUK vs Pigeon Disposable Breastpads ~

Disposable Breastpads- another MUST HAVE item in my list.  There are a few brands that I tried. NUK, Pigeon, Avent, unknown brands which I bought from Khoo Medical Supplies to add to the list.

My ultimate choice is Pigeon Disposable Breastpads. Comparing to NUK it is a little expensive BUT, you have to be quick because Guardian Pharmacy regularly have such promotion whereby you will get 1 box free (buy 1 get 1 free).

These are a few strong points which I hope, will get you to try Pigeon Breastpads( beware! you will be hooked :))

  • absorbent: cotton like feel TOTALLY maximum dryness
  • comfortable: ABSOLUTELY
  • breathable– outer layer allows air to circulate, NO breastmilk smell
  • Extra large: the pad’s enlarged diameter fits snugly to the breast and allows moisture to be distributed as effectively as possible
  • Gentle: doesn’t stick to the skin
  • adhesive strips –DOUBLE tape to keep the pads perfectly in place
  • individually wrapped– in non-woven cloth and doesn’t make any sound when you unwrapped!!

i need to highlight that this review is totally based on my personal experience and i am not prejudiced nor am being paid to write this. just to share with all moms and dads out there. and yes, feel free to give feed backs on my review too.

:: mamy poko vs drypers ::

i need to highlight that this review is totally based on my personal experience and i am not prejudiced nor am being paid to write this. just to share with all moms and dads out there. and yes, feel free to give feed backs on my review too.


I have been a loyal customer of “tidur lena pagi senyuman” 🙂 . I’m very satisfied with MamyPoko’s quality and price. Personally, the price vs quality is very reasonable.

Last week, my husband and I dropped by Yawata, Jitra. Wanted to survey on diapers prices, we decided to try Drypers Limited Edition packet which consists of 54 pieces of diaper (drypantz & zap on). Being a lil skeptical, i keep waiting for the right time to use Drypers..hehehe..alasan saja takmau guna..

On Sunday night, I finally tore Dryperz packet and tried;  that was about 12.30am after azfar-chan pooped (yes, he usually poops around 12.30-1.30am) 🙂 At about 5am, azfar-chan cried while pushing down his Drypantz, wanted to take it off.  Thinking he might wanted to change his sleepwear, I took his Thomas tshirt and showed him but he continued crying and still trying hard to take off his Drypantz.  I took of his Drypantz and right away he scratch and scratch his wee-wee. Then I know, he was not comfortable!! I took MamyPoko and changed the diaper. He slept through the morning until 11.30 am 🙂

MamyPoko- I never come across such problem and there were times when I forgot to change azfar-chan’s diaper from 8.00pm to the next morning but no scratches and no sleepless night.

Thank you MamyPoko!!!

Again, as I said, this is my personal experience and I won’t change the brand again! I’ll stick to “tidur lena pagi senyuman” 🙂


Where can u get cheaper priced MamyPoko? Guardian’s monthly promotion, Giant Hypermarket, TESCO.

:: feeding bottles ::

I ordered Bfree Plus Starter Set from LittleWhiz. I browsed to a few online babystore and found out that LittleWhiz offers the lowest price. I bought the set and another 2 bottles of Bfree Plus 160ml. I was having conversation with my sister about feeding bottles and so I want to share my personal review on feeding bottles.

My eldest son -Azfar Hazim is very colicky. Thanks to my mom and my grandma’s bestfriend -Mak Dah who used to demah or tuam azfar-chan’s stomach every afternoon using daun sireh and charcoal. It is a traditional way of making sure newborns are not suffering from colic.  Some newborns are not, but my son was.

Now, back to the feeding bottle. My husband and I was first introduced to Bfree feeding bottle when we were at Planete Enfants in Mid Valley shopping for Quinny Buzz 4-Wheel Stroller.  The manager ( I cant remember her name, a European), was telling us about the bottle and we were impressed by the anti-colic system.  So, when the time for me to leave my expressed breast milk with the babysitter, I gave along the Bfree bottle. Alhamdulillah, without any hesitation, azfar-chan drank successfully.

I must say the best part is definitely the anti colic system. The second best part is the teat! My God, it is very very soft if you want to compare to the popular brand- Avent.  I know Avent is a very popular ( the most popular I think) anti colic bottles in the world but regardless the branding, I we settled for Bfree. And we (my son, my husband and me) are very happy with the brand.

These are my personal points:

  • the best anti colic system (thru reading and experimenting)
  • softer teat (to compare with Avent, Anakku, Tollyjoy and a few over the rack brands)
  • BPA free bottles ( my son started using the bottle back in 2008 when Avent haven’t launch its BPA free YET; see how advanced Bfree is??)
  • it comes with a heat sensor (easy for 1st time mother like me to know the right temp)
  • my son loves it (still using)

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:: my morning choice ::

for the past 3-4 weeks, i was trying (hard) to like the new morning crews. if u were to say i wasnt trying hard enough, maybe you should try and listen to once.  i REALLY cant stand the 3 deejays or should i say the 3 stooges. they are not funny, but trying to be funny. Ferhad is as usual, trying to show off his talent (if he has one) in singing, the wooo here, woooo there, whooo everywhere and not to mention the slang he regularly added on in the shout out songs. (BLUEKKKK).  As for Jay, she just can’t blend with them; if u know what i mean. no chemistry! Well, Rudy, he can play the guitar and i think he is the only one that i can listen to.

Making jokes, is a big thing. u have to be really funny or else you’ll be laughing urself. i can say that for about 30 minutes every morning, i wont be laughing with the deejay, but i often, almost everyday will be laughing at those 3 deejays. last friday, i made up my mind. NO MORE breakfast show.


the new crews

Im a very loyal person. and that was y i tried to like the new crews as much i love Serena C & Peitro 😦 too bad they are no longer in the show. those 2 are really funny, spontanious and really made me laugh out loud. Sempoooiiiii!!

Serena & Pietro doesnt have to try hard in making jokes, they are really good. i can really laugh with them. 😀 really love the show. how i really wish those 2 will be back.

Serena C & Pietro

 and so..i tune in to everymorning since last friday 🙂


p/s: i dont get anything from Serena C & Pietro for this entry.