My latest edition – is now 4 months young :)

Latest edition-Alisha Humaira

Introducing our latest edition- our very own princess ! 🙂


My Third-is on the way

WORRY-if I may not concentrate on Azfar and Hakeem when the new joy is here. Worry if my time is not enough. Worry if I will not manage them well. Worry if money will be a constraint.


ENERGY-will I have the strength and energy for the next couple of months as I am today? However can I keep up with the boys request for playgroud time, soccer time, bicycle time?

SEPERATION-how should I go about seperating the boys duing sleep time? Should I use the newborn as an excuse for everything? Will they understand? Will Azfar get it?

There are so many, too many what if, what will questions in my mind at the moment.

:: mamy poko vs drypers ::

i need to highlight that this review is totally based on my personal experience and i am not prejudiced nor am being paid to write this. just to share with all moms and dads out there. and yes, feel free to give feed backs on my review too.


I have been a loyal customer of “tidur lena pagi senyuman” 🙂 . I’m very satisfied with MamyPoko’s quality and price. Personally, the price vs quality is very reasonable.

Last week, my husband and I dropped by Yawata, Jitra. Wanted to survey on diapers prices, we decided to try Drypers Limited Edition packet which consists of 54 pieces of diaper (drypantz & zap on). Being a lil skeptical, i keep waiting for the right time to use Drypers..hehehe..alasan saja takmau guna..

On Sunday night, I finally tore Dryperz packet and tried;  that was about 12.30am after azfar-chan pooped (yes, he usually poops around 12.30-1.30am) 🙂 At about 5am, azfar-chan cried while pushing down his Drypantz, wanted to take it off.  Thinking he might wanted to change his sleepwear, I took his Thomas tshirt and showed him but he continued crying and still trying hard to take off his Drypantz.  I took of his Drypantz and right away he scratch and scratch his wee-wee. Then I know, he was not comfortable!! I took MamyPoko and changed the diaper. He slept through the morning until 11.30 am 🙂

MamyPoko- I never come across such problem and there were times when I forgot to change azfar-chan’s diaper from 8.00pm to the next morning but no scratches and no sleepless night.

Thank you MamyPoko!!!

Again, as I said, this is my personal experience and I won’t change the brand again! I’ll stick to “tidur lena pagi senyuman” 🙂


Where can u get cheaper priced MamyPoko? Guardian’s monthly promotion, Giant Hypermarket, TESCO.

:: Little Princess Photoshoot ::

Date : 8th August 2010

Time : 3-4.30 pm

Location : Kangar, Perlis

This is my official tiny tot photosession. Thanks to Ibu Arissa Dahlia for requesting the photosession. I was looking forward for the photoshoot. We enjoyed the photosession ( I know I did).  How I wish we could have some fresh flowers during the photoshoot. The photo session run smoothly as Arissa Dahlia was well-behaved. and yes, thanks to Tok too for baby-sitting the two boys.

:: Our New Life~Our Pride & Joy… Azfar Hazim bin Hasnizam ::

It was 6.05 am, June 4 2008 when my nephew knocked on my door. Nun and I woke up knowing that he won’t stop until we opened the door.. I get up realizing my pants were wet! Showed that to abah & mak, and rite away they asked me to say my Subuh prayer because we had to rush to KMC!!! Its time!

No pain at all.. called my sweetheart at work telling him that we were on the way to KMC. Reached there at about 7.30am. I was pushed to the delivery suite. Was checked by the nurses and they told me Dr Kamarulzaman is on his way and I had to deliver the baby that day! The water bag was broken so we can’t risk anything. Miracle that is, I did not suffer any pain, well…not until 3pm or so. Allah knows how painful it was. Now I know how much my mom suffered during the delivery. My sweetheart was beside me all the way. He made it better.

At around 5.00 pm Dr Kamarulzaman came again for the…I dunno…the 4th time I think just to check.. I tried to push the baby out but he did not engaged properly. Finally, the doctor told Nizam I had to undergo C-section. Its for the best. At that time, all I want is my sweetheart to be beside me.. I can clearly see his face smiling away before I was pushed into the OT. He kissed me on my forehead and I prayed to Allah hoping that it won’t be the last kiss I had.

At exactly 5.59pm, June 4 2008 Azfar Hazim bin Hasnizam was born.

At around 2pm June 5 2008, I hold my baby for the first time~dropped a few tears.

At around 2pm June 5 2008, I successfully breastfed my baby.

And at that time, I completely felt ..I am now a mother.

And for the 1st time ever, we sat as a family.

My j.e.j.a.k.a. was with me all the way. He helped me through my pain, my sadness and my happiness. How can I be more grateful? He gave me strength and helped me through the rough times. Azfar is very lucky having Nizam as his my love, my sweetheart my strength, my life, my heartthrob, THANK YOU FOR BEING THE GREATEST HUSBAND, PARTNER, FRIEND AND GREATEST BABA!

Minutes Hours Day Weeks Months All so quickly passing… Life is too short to let a day go by without telling you…I love you..

I hear love . . . in your voice,

when you speak or laugh or whisper . . .

I see love . . .

in your eyes, in your smile, in all you do . . .

I feel love . . .

in your touch, in its warmth and tenderness.

Thank you for the beautiful gift of your love.

Happy Belated Father’s Day to you from me & azfar. (sorry I can’t bake u a cake..i’ll bake one on ur birthday ya..) muahss to you!