alhamdulillah..the solemnisation ceremony went well (tremendously). the receptions were great although there were hiccups here n there (comments from my relatives). wat to do..we cant change things kan.. tapi still, im so very grateful.

a big thanks to my gurlfrens (Nun+Diara)..without both of u..my wedding ceremonies wont be that great. i cant repay both of u my frens, my sistas…although im a bit far (3.3 km away from home) but that doesnt mean we cant keep in touch or meet or hangout like we used to… saturday is coming 😉 luv u both!!

doris came all the way from sandakan.. (thanks so much doris)..hanny came from seremban n my dear fren yayah drove on her own all the way from tmn ehsan kepong (terer gak na hang drive sorang2 jauh).. thank q guys.. those early morning sms..hehehe..really cute !

mak+abah were great hosts as always. the smiles, the greetings even till midnights… domo arigato mak+abah!! (missing the cucuq pisang+tea time) 😦 im still ur ‘adik’ forever 😀

…..silence is always the best policy..and so i shall be one…Allah knows everything..


::days counting::

the countdown is ticking….less than a month…

been occupied with so many things…students registration, new lecturers coming in, EAC visit and with my own checklist.. adoiii…

our cards are ready to be distributed, but the sad part was that the cards were printed using the later version of the design..arggghhhh… at first i didnt realise it, but my designer realised… luckily the gave us some discounts due to their carelessness. we wanted to get the card re-printed but due to time constraint,we just had to settle for those cards. almost 500pcs were addressed to some of my frens+my mom’s+my abah..

today…i had a full day with my ever dearest heartthrob..we went shopping for some furnitures. thanks so much for helping me!! we even had our car screens tinted..hehehehe. wat a day!

those smalls cards are ready to be put on the boxes…cute ha? 😀 just love wordings…i gave those wordings my own..hehehe..my nites now are filled with so may cutting, arranging..filling.. the potpurries are settled, just need to spray some fragrance later. the ribbons are made all by myself.. 😀 cute sangat2. i guess apart of me is rather creative

shopping spree

the 4 of us went to alor star…for some shopping spree.. 😀 get some hijabs and bedsheet+comforters. that was our 1st stop at pekan rabu.. rambang nyer mata…looking at those hijabs…phew..costly!!

we went round and round..drop by for a while at the pc fair(which was heheheh kinda funny) and back to perlis…he drove us to a place which is nice for some outdoor photoshoots.. 😀 nak nak