Aidilfitri-a big challenge for me!

Azfar Hazim is currently facing some sensory overload!!! ARGHHHH.. I am the one who really need to calm down. not him.  Can’t blame him for the overloadness :((

One reason why I do not visit friends and families on Hari Raya (not unless they understand azfar’s situation) is because he can be very sensitive to his surroundings- especially smells, clusters, toys, curtain colours and even to the extend not aligned photo frames.  Last year, we went to a house, and azfar pointed out a painting at my friend’s house…. ‘Ummi..tu..salah tu…’ . Everybody looked and realised that painting was tilted to the left. Oh dear darling! *face palm*  Everybody praised him , but I felt sorry for the host.. 🙂 hehehehe.

This photo is just an example. Azfar parks his bike at the same spot, hang his helmet on the right side of the handle and he does that every single time we’re off to the playground. OCD meh? erkkk..2015124083246


:: kireme ::

a whole week with Azfar Hazim & Mr Baba. 🙂

we were getting ready ( i was half packed) for a holiday>>Kangar-Ipoh-KL-Nilai-PD-Ipoh-Kangar. but we had to rescheduled our plan. azfar-chan was infected with Hand Foot Mouth Disease. :(( it was terrible, horrible, terrifying. for 12 hours no drop of milk! just plan water. he even woke up on the night prior to our trip. Mr Baba had to work morning shift that day so Chiaq and Tok took us to KMC to meet Dr Lim-the peaditrician. he was on leave-damn! luckily the replacement doctor was also a peaditirician from the general hospital. the moment he told me azfar-chan was infected with HFMD, i wanted to cry! argghh..this is terrible. the peaditrician told me that there is nothing to be worried about as it may decease in 2 days time. that was something.

we suspected that it may come from the highchair that azfar-chan sat on at one of the diners we visited a few days back then. i was suggested to feed azfar-chan with cool jelly, ice-creams, custards, and all the cooling, soothing, easy to shallow food. and so Tok made those red yummy jellies.

Mr Baba & I decided to stay at Chiaq+Tok’s since they can help us to take care of azfar-chan; suggested by Chiaq. we stayed for 3 nites there. as usual, makngah pah came to see how is the boy doing, even at dawn.. Alhamdulillah, on the 2nd day, he had recovered.

afternoon ride
TQ so much Mak..we love u! and Chiaq..Thanks to u too!!!

As he recovers, we made our way to aloq staq..ehehehe..besa la ummi..dok merap baba ajak jalan2..hehehhe..muahss..TQ na.. Giant, Tesco, kedai2 perabot semua we w

ent in..wanted to find new wardrobe for the hero..alih2..kedai kat perlis gak yg perfect and very good quality… (sapa kata perlis lekeh?????) tinggai takdak lorenzo ja lagi perlis ni. 😀

over the weekend, i made yakitori don(grilled chicken pieces over rice) along with the sauces and kyUri(cucumber) -for Mr Baba & Azfar-chan. how happy i was looking at their plates.. 🙂 yay!!! but it took 45 minutes for Azfar-chan to finish his meal. but i was happy! his appetite now seems to hike.. 🙂

in the box

in the box

:: one fine day ::

these photos are taken a few months ago. Auntie, how nice if we can go again 🙂
Taman Kechor, Kangar
after that, ummi took AzfarHazim back to our house…given him a chance that soothing, smooth flowing windy afternoon…pusing-pusing dalam taman..

naik ndui(buaian)

see how he showed us his tantrum..pinching my nose, bak kata orang perlis-getu


:: Thailand ::

jalan-jalan cari kereta

at exactly 7am, the 3 of us left Kampung Guru and straight to Jalan Kaki Bukit to pick Auntie from her house to join us for a short trip to Thailand! 😀 we didnt tell Chiak because i and ~j.e.j.a.k.a~ know he will be very very (100x) worried especially since we brought AzfarHazim along. the objective was to get Azfar’s birthday gift 🙂 in advanced tu..

baby carried Azfar all the way….since we were so near to the border, so y not..pi jugak la balik sana nu …no border pass required 🙂

we are entering Thailand my dear

i bought Mempelam Tongdam (spell as u pronounce) for only RM2.5o/kg. In Pdg Besar, u will haveta pay RM5/kg…double the price!!! we bought tumbler, 4pcs for RM10 (in Pdg Besar, 3pcs 4 RM10), i bought periuk kukus+mengkuang kukus !!yesss.. :)dpt gak something..hehehe

the moment of truth…jeng jeng jeng

Azfar having a test-drive in the shop..and we bought a Red Roadster 😀

after 2 hours of shopping at Wang Kelian+Thailand, the sun is shining oh so hot! so off we went to Pdg besar pulak. Azfar managed to get a few things-ben10 shirt+pants, ben-10 phone, baju askar..hehehe…and so we had our breakfast at one of the stalls..

anak baba

back to Kg Guru to bake my Platinum Chicken-will update with photo and recipe

:: bowling session ::

from left-Diara, Shafeza a.k.a Auntie, haku-ko holding AzfarHazim (the next national bowling player), ~j.e.j.a.k.a~
-introducing Azfar to the balls-

Azfar favourite Aunties (from left- A’a & Auntie)

the guy with lots of expression..fifi ares

~j.e.j.a.ka~ and i decided to go to Alor Star and through some balls on the lane 🙂 so off we went 2gether with fifi ares, nun, diara and surely our Azfar Hazim 🙂 2 played 2 games and it was a fun nite! with fifi laughing, make all the gestures when he strikes+loss ..and the winner was..heheh..haku-ko..jgn mare a ipi…hehehehe Azfar slept throughout the journey to AS. we had our supper at the Royal Nasik Lemak..not that i dont recommend but it was not nasik lemak but the regular nasik kandar…