I have to STOP calling my son ‘hyper’

Some people refuse to label, I am not pre-label but label helps us to view the full potential, the hiccups we should be expecting and frankly, labels help us to guide azfar better.

Telling, saying, calling my son is with ADHD is not labeling him with disadvantages or disabilities.  I know deep in my heart somehow the ‘dis’ is there :(.  From now on, I MUST stop calling him that. I must be calling him by his advantages.

My azfar is

a happy boy…

good singer




into drawings

loves architectures…

These are the values I need to focus on. Rather than focusing on his weakness, I must be valuing his positive qualities. 🙂



Aidilfitri-a big challenge for me!

Azfar Hazim is currently facing some sensory overload!!! ARGHHHH.. I am the one who really need to calm down. not him.  Can’t blame him for the overloadness :((

One reason why I do not visit friends and families on Hari Raya (not unless they understand azfar’s situation) is because he can be very sensitive to his surroundings- especially smells, clusters, toys, curtain colours and even to the extend not aligned photo frames.  Last year, we went to a house, and azfar pointed out a painting at my friend’s house…. ‘Ummi..tu..salah tu…’ . Everybody looked and realised that painting was tilted to the left. Oh dear darling! *face palm*  Everybody praised him , but I felt sorry for the host.. 🙂 hehehehe.

This photo is just an example. Azfar parks his bike at the same spot, hang his helmet on the right side of the handle and he does that every single time we’re off to the playground. OCD meh? erkkk..2015124083246

Berbudi kepada tanah!

Alhamdulillah, fresh from my garden 🙂  Hand-picked, homegrown and they are organic!  Cabai Melaka (bird eye chillies), they are super duper hot but, I love it.

I try to maximise my afterwork time with my kids; we do 1/2 hour gardening-making sure their hands get dirty, cycling and some running session. Azfar really needs the sensory input whenever he can and whenever I possibly can. So, this is partly his not-so-much sensory input.

Our next project will be some garden beds from the recycled wooden door.  #nofilter #cabaimelaka #cabaiburung #berbudikepadatanah

Cabai Melaka

Cabai Melaka

Clinical Practice Guidelines for ADHD

CPG Management of ADHD-some guidelines for parents

Direct from the source http://www.moh.gov.my/penerbitan/CPG2017/3888.pdf


CPG Management of ADHD

I would like to introduce a clinical practice guideline on the management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents (ADHD). To date, this is the first guideline on ADHD jointly developed by Ministry of Health, Academy of Medicine and Malaysian Psychiatric Association. As an external reviewer, I find this book useful and easy to understand. However, it is not made for general public but tailored to specialize readers like psychiatrists, paediatricians, family physicians and general practitioners. They can expect to find some recommendations with regard to assessment, diagnosis and management of ADHD. The use of medication especially psychostimulants was discussed in detail based on the level of evidence in the literature. I wish to congratulate the organizer for the hard work.

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Your decision and it is yours.

10390433_10204035340989290_4340348766059127189_nI do not (ever) blame parents or caregivers for their choice.  Be it using the conventional meds or alternative ones. But I do believe, once you made the decision do it right and make it right. You cannot expect miracles to happen by only deciding which or what to use.  Do it and I really mean it.

I am still learning ..and struggling to do what I think is the best for my ADHD son. I have met and seen/heard parents who opts for alternative meds for their autistic child; and yet they are feeding the child with high content sugar supplements or only probiotics.  And that is all!  I am not saying what I am doing is the perfect way; but hey! keep feeding yourself with new interventions, new ideas.  These thing are for your own kids’ life.  When I tried to tell them about EO, the no no supplements (they are feeding some local supplements claiming can cure hyperactivity, ADHD what not), they just can’t take it! They looked at me as if I am against makanan sunnah. Some had tried using  EO once or twice and claimed to me and to the whole group they didnt work. 😦 oh my! Then I know I am not welcomed in their group. 🙂

When I read a few testimonial, journey on ASD, ADHD children using EO, alternative meds, the food intervention, I was keen to ‘try’. TRY is a big word because in my son’s world that includes trying new smells, new food, new routines, new habits. But my husband and decided we will not tolerate the stimulants.  I must thank my FB friends for introducing me to the new terms- Munirah, Marissa Ali, Ida Altahari for their guides (watsapp, sms, links, testimonials, getting me the epsom salt, etc).  There are lot more to learn ..it is endless journey with hiccups though.

I have to admit, the combination of EO, salt, food are a little pricey. I cannot afford them all.  Unlike my friends in KL who mostly can afford to get the best probiotics for their children. I am struggling my best to get them all.  🙂 But I am happy with the results.

I had a few friends (not very close ones) questioning the reasons for using the hard way of ‘treating’ ADHD. Why not use the stimulants offered/prescribed by the paeds? I have all the answers. I do! –Why in the world should I let my son depends on stimulants when I can find another way? You want shorcuts, then go ahead. But I dont!

Our new protocol works!

This morning after sending off Azfar at the gate, a PPM (Pembantu Pengurusan Murid) approached me and complimented on Azfar’s improvement.  To us (at least to a special need kid mom and educator), his behavioral improvement means a lot.  He can now sit still during the recess and no longer running here and there. My son is known for his hyperactivity; hehehe.

Well, he is after all diagnosed with ADHD so, his second name is HYPERACTIVE! 😉

Our daily protocols are as follow and we do it religiously.

  • Warm epsom salt bath in the morning before school -soak for about 10-15 minutes
  • Oiling starts with Lavender on both feet, Vertiver at his toes.
  • Brain Power just before he waves “bye-bye Ummi, c u” on back of his head and at his forehead.
  • Some encouraging words from a mom to his boy 🙂

Alhamdulillah, the combination works.  But I tell you, these ‘rituals’ works well with the help of the teachers and PPM too.  They train him and I allow them to be firm / cenghe :).

I cant stop smiling and thankful to the Almighty.

p/s: Yes, it is a small improvement!