Tone down the ADHD

I always get comments like – “Is he with ADHD? doesn’t look like one. Is he really hyperactive? He can follow your orders and sit still” To be able to answer these sort of questions, one must be tough mom! Seriously.

How can he sit still during meal time? What does he do while travelling? How do you engage with him? How do you make him listen to the coach? Can he play along with the other kids?

I must tell you, it takes endless Doa/prayers plus patience and training to be able to make an ADHD boy toned down. Last night his therapist messaged me while we were having supper at a local coffee store. “Seronok tengok Azfar macam anak tipikal (membaca sementara menunggu meal)”

I am a fierce mom?- YES, I am; or maybe not BUT I am being strict with Azfar. Discipline is everything when dealing with ADHD/ASD boy I suppose. Alhamdulillah, Praise to the Almighty Allah, we have no problem bringing him to hair salon for his haircut, no problem doing grocery shopping, no problem at all while visiting dentist! My routine for him pays.

Set the example– What if he refused to brush his teeth? I get down on my knees and hold his jaws and I do the brushing back then.

Social stories– Let them know what to expect when going to a mall, what to do, what NOT to do, what do I expect from him? What to expect at the hair salon, the dentist.

Remind, remind and remindI personally think you can’t stop reminding what do you want from him/expect.  After a while you will notice that he can knows what is expected from him.  I’ll give you an example of our normal situation going to a mall (conversation translated to English):

I: We are going to Giant (a mall)..We are going to get some groceries and who ever behaves well will get something special from me!!
Kids: YAY!! can we get toys/bubbles/pens/art papers???
Azfar (prompted in a very firm tone): Remember Hakeem, no running, no fooling around. Do you understand?!!!

So, you see..when you keep on saying the things you expect from them, they will be!  I must admit, he sometimes behave better comparing to ‘typical’ kids.

Endless encouragement I am still learning the difference between encouragement and pushing to the limits.  Whatever the term is, I find that encouragement can bring miracles to you.  Simple word can bring joy to your child. ” Great job! high 5 please” , “Wow!!” “Fuyyo, great work”, ” Beautifully done”, etc.

Although we all know that there are rooms for improvement but, they deserve encouragements prior commenting 🙂

Rewards and punishments-Knowing how he loves Westin Langkawi Spa & Resort, we make it official. We announced that before the year ends, the whole family will again visit Westin Langkawi. But, that doesn’t come easy.My husband and I keep repeating this thing every single time Azfar requested for Langkawi.  To us, everything must be a win-win situation.

” Azfar nak pergi Langkawi dak? Solat tak boleh tinggal…Mesti rajin pergi sekolah, rajin pergi terapi, tennis mesti ikut cakap coach, tak boleh lari-lari, mesti berlatih, mesti bersunat”
Translated: Azfar, do you want to go to Langkawi? If you want, you must make sure to complete prayers 5 times daily, you will have to go to school, therapies and tennis lessons. You cannot play around and you must also do the circumcision.

My advice, do it continuously and consistency. Although some say, miracles happen overnight, but in my case it doesn’t happen that way.


:: Our New Love -Brain Power Essential Oil by Young Living ::

ff23f7c839a9e6d813c9186f6db08764I have been oiling azfar with several oils now.. But, I was keen to get Brain Power EO for Azfar.  Looking at the price?! oh my! RM241 for 5ml. It is said to be complementing using Brain Power apart from the 3 oils (Vertiver, Lavender, Cedarwood). Prior ordering the oil, I managed to contact an occupational therapist who is using YL oils for her patients in the states.  I managed to talked to her via FB . She was very very helpful and explained to me how to use the oil.  Not only that, she asked on Azfar’s development and my major concerns.  Insya-Allah, we will be in touch again next week after 2 weeks using the oil.

Eye contact is not a major problem for Azfar but, his speech development is.  Bobbi Decker the therapist, suggested that the Brain Power should be used alone and not combining with other oils. And so we start the oil on his third day of school. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, please make it work and make it worth buying.


Blended Learning : Valor, Cedarwood & Frakincence

Azfar’s journey with essential oils (EO) started just a week before our trip to Cameron Highland Resort (24th January 2014).  I must thank Allah the Almighty for ‘sending’ me the mechanism to further try the oils: Mun which I virtually know from FB (KL Biomed group) and Leon from Fairyessential.  Leon provides me with a simple handbook.

My initial intention was to get the whole threesome oils as suggested by Mun- Valor, Cedarwood & Frankincense.  Since Leon doesn’t gave Frankincense in stock, so I tried just the other two. The only thing that I keep in mind is that I need to do (apply) religiously and without giving up.  WARNING: I must say that EOs are part of remedies/alternative medicine, as such patience and consistency is the KEY.

Azfar as most ASD child, has his own unique habit.  I would say bad habit though.  He likes making specific sound (krrkkkkk).  Almost every time he feels mad, prior physically throw his tantrums he will make that sounds.  I must say, after a month using EOs, the sound is lesser.  Alhamdulillah.


After using just valor and Cedarwood for 8 days, I asked my son’s teacher and she comment this–Today, Azfar managed to sit at his place the whole session (9.00-10.30). Still, he hums, he was looking here and there but he managed to sit. It was a great thing to me! All this while he cannot sit and do tasks more than 15-20 minutes.

This is how I do with the oils:

  1. Apply Valor (3 drops) on the feet in circular motion.
  2. Apply 1 drop on the big toe and the other 2 toes+some pressure on them)
  3. Apply Cedarwood (3 drops) in circular motion on the sole.
  4. Apply 1 drop on the big toe and the other 2 toes+some pressure on them)
  5. Brush Cedarwood (2-3 drops) on the temporal bones.


We decided to engage Azfar for EIP, here it is called Integration Pre-School (Learning Disabilities).  The school tries to expose these special need pre-schoolers with the routine as per normal pre-schoolers (school assembly, school recess, sports day, Majlis Tilawah, camps, etc).

His first school assembly was a success!!  (7.30am-8.30 am) Like any other mothers, I am the one who is terrified thinking how he would behave. Will he be able to sit still, managed to listen to all the speeches and all.  Alhamdulillah, he managed to! ” Dia OK Puan, tak lari-lari dan tak buat bising. Bangkit sekali dua saja sebab lenguh /boring kot” (Translation: He did OK Mdm, no running around and he did kept quite.  He did once or twice stand during the whole session, probably because he was bored). I was thankful & could not be happier 🙂  For an ADHD boy, it is a BIG COMPLIMENT & SUCCESS.

Endless doa, prayers and the protocols are all in place 🙂  Insya-Allah, more success continues.

and our next step will be: the 3 punch-Cedarwood, Vertiver, LavenderImage

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