Sensory Issues No More?

I have been on hiatus.  With a lot of things going on, I had to pause.

Been busy, with lots of activities for the kids.  We keep our momentum going in making sure they get good portion of play, every single day.  Cycling or running is a must after coming back from school and therapy. When I say  A MUST, I really mean it.

I’m in a few support groups (via Whatsapp) and these groups are into comparing stories, experience, up and downs, potentials, dos and don’ts in raising special need kid.  The only group that I find very sincere is the one that is based in KL. Everybody in the group are very sincere in commenting when someone ask.  We don’t just praise or find excuses for the kids. That is what I love most about the group.  Founder of the WA group is Clarence Kang mother (google Clarence Kang; autistic pianist).

I have ‘seen’ via FB and WA groups that parents are so into getting their special need kids to SPEAK (even not communicate) and WRITE.  How can you get them to communicate and understand you when their sensory issues are haywire? I have seen a 5 year old kid who can’t sit even for a minute.  You can buy all the EO, magnesium oil, OT brush, weighted blanket but if you don’t make your kid tone down their sensory seeking thingy, then there must something wrong in your investments.

Those EOs, magnesium oil, epsom salt, OT brush, blanket are not the same in sensory input activity. Get your child dirty & sweaty, get them to run, cycle, let them do some gardening.  Sign up for a sport lesson. These things are crucial.

I won’t respect you if you use a tablet or a phone to calm your child at a table. YES and I mean it. Be it typical kid or special need kid. We give some screen time to our kids, with supervision and limited time, but definitely not as a ‘Risperidone’.
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